José Raposo found photography when he was 14, and that felt almost like finding himself. After all these years, we can not tell the photography from the photographer. José Raposo is photography and its commitment to the art form that defines him granted him several awards and, last but not least, the global recognition of his unique point of view.



We aim to make you proud every time you browse trough your wedding album, as time goes by, and to let you relive all of that day's emotions as you first experienced them. Because love is timeless and our mission is to assure that your love story is endlessly told.

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So you're about to become one. We'll follow you to a nice place of your choosing, maybe somewhere that keeps good memories of you two, and invite you to relax and let us photograph the exact way you look at each other in such intense times.

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Every family is a small mystery, with its private codes and unique identity. Whenever we get to photograph a family having fun, all those days spent out in the open, looking carefully at every single detail, we are mapping the ways that love shapes the world.

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Fairytale Dreams

Fairytale Dreams

Whenever a child is born, there's a new way of love for wich words were not yet created. Photographing little babies is a delicate craft, for it speaks of those early enchantment days, when there's no other way wide enough to do it.

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José Raposo is a person’s name, but it’s also a brand, behind which you’ll find a devoted team, built according to criteria such as quality and consistency. Together, we make sure that the best memories of the best times of your lives will be kept safely ever after.

  • José Raposo, Photographer
  • André Santos, Designer
  • Rute Salvador, Designer
  • Ana Paula Costa, Designer/PR
  • Walter Sousa, Prototyping
  • Luis Carvalho, Photographer
  • António Monteiro, Photographer
  • Décio Reis, Photographer
  • Lionel Sousa, Print
  • Célia Correia, PR
  • Sara Oliveira, Designer
  • Micael Sousa, Designer



  • 1996
    • Photographer of the Year A.N.I.S.
  • 1997
    • Mark Cleghorn’s Wedding Award
  • 1998
    • Wedding Photographer Award – Spelling Instituition
  • 1999
    • George Dawber Wedding Award
    • Photo Training Overseas – October
    • Greg Gorman “FACES” Award – October
  • 2000
    • Kodak Award “Masterclasses 2000”
  • 2002
    • Award Most Popular Photographer of the Year : Magazine “Foto Vendas Digital”
    • Laurel A.F.P. Congress Figueira da Foz
  • 2003
    • Accolade “Foto Oscar”
    • Best Digital Album of the Year 2003 “International Association of Webmasters and Designers”
  • 2004
    • Mention in the Magazine “Super Foto Pratica”
  • 2005
    • Awards Anim’arte 2005 – Artistic Production – Photo
  • 2006
    • Central Verband Dutcher 2006 – Berufs Photographen Hochzeits Preis
  • 2008
    • Mention Acoolades of Execellence W.P.P.I
  • 2009
    • Distinction in Green Planet/Repower America Album Design
    • New mention in magazine “Super Pratica” August
    • Mario Acerboni’s Achivements for Wedding Album Design
    • Photography Work Distinction “A.F.P.”
  • 2010
    • Distinction Accolades of Excellence W.P.P.I.
  • 2011
    • 4 Mentions Accolades of Excellence W.P.P.I.
    • Mention PDN Mag-Top Wedding Photographers
    • Mention in Digital Photographer Mag-Top Wedding Photographers in the World
  • 2012
    • 4 Mentions Accolades of Excellence W.P.P.I.
    • Fuji X-Pro1 Ambassador
    • Featured on Rolling Stones Book “50”
    • Featured on Rolling Stones Book “Pedras que Rolam não Ganham Musgo” By Manel Andrade
    • Featured on Rolling Stones Book”Rolling Stones em Portugal” By Rolando Rebelo
  • 2013
    • 1 Mention Accolades of Excellence W.P.P.I.
    • Junebug Distintion “Best of the Best”
  • 2014
    • 2 Mentions Accolades of Excellence W.P.P.I.
    • Distinction in the Portal Zankyou was one of the best photographers in Portugal
  • 2015
    • Orador no congresso APPI Caldas da Rainha 2015
    • Prémio "Silver Distinction" W.P.P.I. Álbum Digital do Ano
  • 2016
    • 1 Menção Accolades of Excellence W.P.P.I.
    • Menção Top Fotografos de casamento mais influentes de Portugal Portal Amecasamentos
    • Distinção Portal
    • Distinção Portal Zankyou
  • 2017
    • Prémio "Silver Award" W.P.P.I. Álbum Digital do Ano
    • Distinção nas Qualificações da APPI para Álbum Digital
    • Distinção Portal
    • Distinção Portal Zankyou

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