Jose Raposo Fotografia

It was on October 14, 2017, on a wonderful fall day, that we decided to say “Yes” to our family and friends.

Unfortunately not everyone who is dearest to us and part of our story could be present physically, but we are sure that they applauded us and celebrated with us up there by the stars …

Our history began precisely 14 years ago in October 2003, in an already long journey of smiles, sharing, some less good and difficult times, but above all of fellowship, friendship, many learnings and love.

The expectations were many and the day was small for so many emotions and magic moments.

It was without a doubt the 14th happiest day of our lives and we could not have chosen better!

Our thanks to José Raposo and his team for eternalizing and making us relive it so intensely each time we visualize all the memories they have given us!

And because “Where there is love there will our heart be also …” also applies to you!

Your work is undoubtedly fantastic and your recognition more than deserved!

Carina & Mauro