Jose Raposo Fotografia
When my husband and I decided to get married, the first thing we both agreed to, even before the date, was that our wedding photographer would have to be José Raposo.
He was a longtime friend and his extraordinary work had already been proven time and time again.
We could not imagine sharing this day with anyone else. He made us feel completely at ease.
That was nine years ago and the pictures he took still amaze us and those we share them with to this day.
Whenever we had the opportunity to meet up, we would always tease him that when it came time to expand our family, he would have to come to Madeira island for a pregnancy photo shoot. Said and done!
We shared, once again, a special moment with José Raposo.
This wasn’t your typical client/photographer photo session. We were able to laugh and joke with a friend who, throughout the whole time, continued to be the professional and humble person we admire. He is by-far one of the best… if not THE BEST in the business.
We are very lucky to have him as a friend and we plan on sharing many more special moments with him in the following years.

Thank you for everything!

Christina & Paulo & Isaac