Jose Raposo Fotografia

It was a long journey, until this day. All the memories, all the stories, all the love that we have for each other were celebrated in a magical ceremony.

We didn’t need many things: perhaps a sunny day, perhaps a scenic place with white and lilac-grey appointments.

Most importantly – we needed to be surrounded by the people that we love and from which we get love in return. If someone asked us about the secret for this day’s success, we would tell them that people are everything.

So, be surrounded by your close family, by friends who feel like family to you, and by good professionals that support you and help you deal with all anxieties. In the photography field, we deeply thank José Raposo and his team.

They were able to eternalize the beauty in all the little details. The attention and love that Raposo puts in every shot is breathtaking! We would love to live our wedding day several times.

As this is not possible, the photos and videos remain as a beautiful way to remind us that love is eternal.

Helena & Diogo