Jose Raposo Fotografia

It was hard to manage the nerves when the big moment was about to arrive. I wanted a lot to see Joana, I wanted to know how she was feeling, how her dress looked like and I didn’t wanted to forget the choreography of our wedding first dance. Among the hundreds of thoughts that invaded my head in each minute, I was happy like never before. I was with the biggest smile, I´ve slept so well, didn´t feel the nerves that so many brides describe they normally have. I was sure about the step I was going to take, marry with my best friend makes me a privileged woman, and besides that, all my family and friends were with me. All of me was happiness. It was a day full of emotions. When we first saw in our wedding day, we started to feel like “butterflies in the stomach” just like 10 years, 6 months and 3 days ago, in the day we started dating. We lived our day just like we had dreamed it. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we gave hugs. We were truly happy. Even the rain that in the previous days worried us, in our day it came with a lot of strength, but as an ally. Due to that our guests haven´t dispersed and were a fantastic group celebrating with us. The lens of José Raposo, in the person of Décio and Valter, captured great moments and turned eternal our wedding day. We are one of each other since always, the dreams were born there.

Joana and André