Jose Raposo Fotografia
We are the love-house of each other. In less than a year and a half, we became boyfriends, grooms, wife and husband. We know that love is sacred and rare matter, and love the initial verb. The verb that changed our lives inside out, which is the side of the best verse.
We live a love in which everything flows naturally, in which everything makes sense and is felt. A love that gives roots and wings, complicit and attentive. A love between two known old souls, two existences that touch each other in the delicate and solid architecture of affections.
 We celebrated the gift of having found the love of our lives, illuminated by the affection of ours, of those who are here, of those who live inside. And we wanted our wedding day to reflect who we are. So it was a country party, despoiled, delicate, close to what is essential to us.
To capture the essence of our love we chose the talent of José Raposo. It was an easy decision, considering the beauty, poetry, attention to detail that José puts into his work. The singles photo shoot gave us the certainty that we could not have made a better choice. In addition to the quality of the photos, both in the singles session and in the marriage, we realize the personal qualities of this photographer: bright eyes, friendly, well-disposed, communicative, attentive, creative, with the capacity to put people at ease in the moment of pose. It was the perfect choice.
Liliana // Hugo