Jose Raposo Fotografia
“Forever yours, forever mine, forever ours”.
That’s our story.
It is I, it is you, it is us, alongside all of those that wish us our very best.
The day of our wedding will forever remain eternal in our lives.
A day which was sought after and vivid for that very reason.
A tangible love – love being the very best word to describe this day, our day.
To all of those present, we have only to thank you for making this day so unique and special.
Be it friends and family, or all of those that made this possible, with special thanks regarding José Raposo’s photography.
His dedication, commitment, attention to detail, and joy were always present, which in turn translated into this magnificent, dare I say breathtaking,  piece of work – much like I described it the first time I saw the model of our album.
You will, undoubtedly, witness the photographers of our life.

Thank you.

Rita and Nuno