Jose Raposo Fotografia

I would never

be happy with anyone else,

so long as you walked the earth.


Finally dawned on April 29, 2017, the so long expected day! Begins the rush of suits, dresses, shoes, bows and ties, hairstyles, the veil!!

Busy ladies, gentlemen and children wait impatiently watching everything around them.

The family and friends begin to arrive, bringing smiles and love, everything starts to unfold…

There are no words to describe our day, we wanted a simple and relaxed wedding day and quickly became a ceremony of many emotions and infinite happiness, who witnessed realized that it was for sure a very joyful day, full of love and smiles.

Since we started planning the day of our wedding, we idealized José Raposo as the photographer.
He and his fantastic team recorded all the details, all the smiles and all the emotions, making it so memorable and unforgettable, conquering little by little everyone.
Our great Thank You that will never be enough to thank all those who were there and who contributed to make our day wonderful and unforgettable!
Thank you!

Teresa and João